Fusion (ISSN 2201-7208)

fu·sion (fy zh n) noun.
1.The merging of different elements into a union.
2.The blending of different elements to form a larger nucleus with the simultaneous release of energy.
3.A combination of different ingredients and techniques from very different cultures or countries. Learn More»


fusion is an international, online scholarly journal for the communication, creative industries and media arts disciplines. Co-founded by the Faculty of Arts, Charles Sturt University (Australia) and the College of Arts, University of Lincoln (UK), fusion will publish refereed articles, creative works and other practice-led forms of output. Learn More»


This issue of fusion considers the roles played by anonymous creators, the ways in which the problem of anonymity has shaped visual culture and the consequences (or benefits) of anonymity for contemporary art, communications and design. Learn More»
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